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MDI Furniture Casters are molded from specially formulated nylon resins, MDI Twin Wheel Casters stand up to the most demanding applications. Furniture casters meet or exceed applicable ANSI/BIFMA standards. Regular factory testing far exceeds the scope of ANSI/BIFMA. Rigid quality control ensures consistent quality. Furniture casters come in 3 different styles
  1. UTW (Unhooded Twin Wheel)
  2. TW (Full Hood Casters)
  3. CTW (Cylinder Twin Wheel)
Unit of Measure


CTW Series Wheel Size

N/A 50 mm55 mm60 mm

Furniture Caster Styles

N/A CTW (Cylinder Twin Wheel) TW (Full Hood Casters) UTW (Unhooded Twin Wheel)

Molding Material

N/A Nylon Resins

Wheel Tread Material

N/A Polyurethane

Industrial Standards


Other Wheel Sizes

N/A TW Series (Full Hood Casters) Wheel Size: 40 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm, 55 mm, 60 mm UTW Series (Unhooded Twin Wheel) Casters Wheel Sizes: 40 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm


Mounting Options

N/A Friction Ring Threaded Stem Socket Stem Top Plate U-Bracket

Brake Options

N/A Nearly all MDI casters are available with brake locks Brakes are engaged or released with a simple lever on the front of the caster body

Soft Tread Wheel Options

N/A Most MDI twin wheel casters are available with “soft wheels” The soft tread provides superb performance on hard floor surfaces These casters feature a polyurethane Wheel tread molded around a hard nylon core
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MDI manufactures and distributes quality products including industrial and furniture casters, industrial and office furniture glides and levelers, tube closures, tube connectors, adapters, plastic and metal hardware components. We also stock and offer wide array of adjustments knobs and seating components (bases, arms, foam, wood). We can produce polyurethane molded parts along with custom injection molded parts specific to your needs.